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only to aggravate them in a few years time.
You cannot end this war yet, you can at best
adjourn it.
The reorganisation of the world has at first to
be mainly the work of a Cú rnovem^t " or a Party
or a religion or cult, whatever we choose to call
it. We may call it the New Liberalism or the
New Radicalism or what not. It will not be a
close-knit organisation, toeing the Party line
and so forth. It may be very loose-knit and many
facetted, but if a sufficient number of minds
throughout the world, irrespective of race, origin
or economic and social habituations, can be
brought to the free and candid recognition of the
essentials of the human problem, then their
effective collaboration in a conscious, explicit and
open effort to reconstruct human society will
And to begin with they will do all they can to
spread and perfect this conception of a new world
order, which they will regard as the only working
frame for their activities, while at the same time
they will set themselves to discover and associate
with themselves, everyone* everywhere, who is
intellectually able to grasp the same broad ideas
and morally disposed to realise them.
The distribution of this essential conception one
may call propagandas but in reality it is educa-
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